Friday night funkin : tricky vs tiky 3 challenge 4 ( Garry's mod fnf animation ) -

Friday night funkin : tricky vs tiky 3 challenge 4 ( Garry’s mod fnf animation )

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  1. If tiky didn't bother heavy he would have gotten a cookie mixed with sweet and sour sauce

  2. Tiky:Little brother
    Tricky:Big brother

  3. Lol tricky tried to cheat and missed every shot lol

  4. Improbably drive makes Tricky reduce his accuracy

  5. Tricky in madness combat: Has God aim
    Tricky in animations: Has potato aim

  6. Морозомелон-морозочикен says:


  7. Tricky never know how to use Gun because the only weapon he use is a stop sign

  8. Where did you get those muzzle flashes?

  9. @Tiky u gonna win, actually. 🙂

  10. صدای تریکی رو از کجا اوردی؟😂

  11. Tiky: haha. Yahoo! What? I SWEAR I DIDNT-

  12. meissuckatthisJustwhydonthatemethisisjustforoktell says:

    Poor tiky

  13. Auditor : soy bueno usando la minigun
    Tricky: estás seguro ? 😎

  14. Heavy: who touched my gun tricky: * points at Tiky: wait whattttttt heavy:aghhhhhhhhhh smash’s tiky*

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