Friday Night Funkin' Tricky Vs Tricky HD Vs Tricky But Bad [FNF HD MOD/Hard] (Phase 1 + Phase 2) -

Friday Night Funkin’ Tricky Vs Tricky HD Vs Tricky But Bad [FNF HD MOD/Hard] (Phase 1 + Phase 2)

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Friday Night Funkin’ Tricky Vs Tricky HD Vs Tricky But Bad. A side by side comparison of the Original Tricky vs Tricky HD vs Tricky But Bad on Phase 1 & Phase 2 for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD. Tricky HD just got another update so the one you see now is a lot better than the previous tricky video I’ve uploaded. Oh, I just realized in a way I’m also comparing all of Boyfriend & Girlfriend animation styles too.

(Upper Left side = Original | Upper Right side = HD | Bottom side = Tricky But Bad)

Friday Night Funkin’ Vs Tricky, but this time Tricky got reanimated and I’ll compare this reanimated tricky with all the others in his full week.

00:00 Tricky HD Animation
00:11 Improbable Outset Song (Tricky Vs Boyfriend)
02:29 Madness Song (Tricky Vs Boyfriend)
05:02 Tricky HD Animation 2

Mod Creator for VS Tricky HD Skin by Gooble:

VS Tricky HD WEEK (+ Some HD Cutscenes) Mod Download link:

HD BF Portable by redlazybum:

Coder by Wassabi Soja:

Artist For HD Boyfriend & Girlfriend is created by Kolsan:

Sprite Came From The FNF HD Mod:

Creators of the Tricky 2.0 Mod:
Director, art, and animator of the original version by Banbuds:

Music of the original version by Rozebud:

Programmer for it by KadeDeveloper:

charter by Cval:

The Full-Ass Tricky Mod:

The full-ass tricky, but bad mod creator by Supercario:

Tricky but bad download:

Get the game and support the creators of fnf:

Pico Vs. Pico Remastered Vs Pico HD:

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  1. Hank in the kiddy car made me choke on oxygen

  2. Make sure to subscribe to CommunityGame before those tricky's kill us!!!

  3. On the right arrow tricky told bf to take the L

  4. Hd tricky, while it looks GREAT has some kinks to work out, like the intro and some of the animation

  5. If you look really closely, the FNF HD Tricky mod actually made the ground HD too

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  7. HD tricky impropable outset giving boyfriend The L WOW XD

  8. I'm SUBBING to EVERYONE who SUBBS to ME says:

    HD One have red error tricky glitch

  9. ahahahahahahahahahoootahahahahhhahahahahhahahahahaahhaaooooaahahahahahahahaoooooooooohahahahahahhahahahaooooooooooooooaahahahhaahooooooahahaha

  10. So this literally
    and Netflix Adaptation

  11. Can you like make a trick you like first of two tricky the clown thanks for

  12. Here are 2 words u can hear tricky say:CACAA cookie aa PUSSY: tricky says PUSSY AT exprugation and he says cacao at phase 1 and he say cookie aa at phase 1 and he says WHO SING WHO AAGH at phase 3

  13. i am the coder of tricky HD, i adjust the positions and the scale,i am still fixing the cutscenes though, so be patient lol, i am also helping gooble with tord and sunday hd, adjusting the offset, position and some surprises

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