Friday Night Funkin' VS Corruption Tricky 2.0 Mod FULL WEEK (FNF MOD/Hard/Madness Combat) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Corruption Tricky 2.0 Mod FULL WEEK (FNF MOD/Hard/Madness Combat)

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Friday Night Funkin’ Vs Corruption Tricky 2.0 Mod (FULL WEEK) This Corruption Tricky Mod includes a bunch of underrated songs along with skins I’ve made for it.

Corrupted Expurgation Tricky Mod Download:


Creator of the Corrupted Expurgation Tricky Skin
Corrupted Menu Characters Skin / Corrupted Auditor Background Skin



Creator of the Tricky Mod & Skin


All redesigns were done from the skins in the Tricky Mod.

Creator of Corrupted Tricky Phase 1 Skin


This skin was used for the MenuTricky from the Tricky Mod.

Corrupted Tricky Mod

Corrupted Tricky Phase 3 Skin & Island

Corrupted Girlfriend Background for Expurgation

Reanimated Corrupted Boyfriend


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  1. I’ve honestly been waiting to see something like this! 😃

  2. This is why corruption is overrated, the original is great but some of the fanmades are inaccurate.

    Hank should've been Mag Hank and Tricky is confirmed to be impossible to be corrupted. Inanimate objects are also sorta immune

  3. Why is GF sitting like a zombie tree with Christmas lights all around her?🤔

  4. Fun fact:tricky got corrupted because he didn’t fight the evil bf but rapped him instead

  5. Why does corrupted bf glow sometimes but is normal other times?

  6. I've been waiting something like this for a long time

  7. Improbable outset is the best corrupt remix in vs tricky corrupted,change my mind

  8. why is this mod stealing the music from neturoa

  9. Imo Tricky is literally impossible to corrupt because of the improbability drive, so this is pretty odd. But hey cool remixes at least

  10. Oh this is the first time ive seen corrupted but also i feel very bad for tricky

  11. Tricky no se puede corromper ! Además de que el fuego destruye la corrupción

  12. someone who makes a video tutorial on how to download the mod of triky corruotion please here below this comment leave the video who will do it

  13. Tricky cannot be corrupted

  14. Corruption: i will corrupt you

    You don't corrupt clown



  15. Improbable outset is literally neutro remix but i like it its epic

  16. Oooooooo its expurashion

    I cant spell it bec i forgot it

  17. expurgation corrupted seems an retro remix of original

  18. honestly i dont understand how tricky and Every single character in the mods get currupted even get currepted you know i dont even understand and Also even if tricky got currupted the dark guy that controls the madness combat could easly get him back up like he did in episodios 6 were hank graba him shoots him and he chrew him off the clif but then MAGIC FROM THAT GUY boom tricky back again

  19. How did you download Reanimated Corrupted Boyfriend? it was removed and if you follow the link to Reanimated Corrupted Boyfriend it says the mod is destroyed

  20. Krinkels said that tricky can't be corrupted


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