Friday Night Funkin' Vs Dave and Bambi Gapple - X - FNF MODS [HARD] "The top 10 awesome!!! Section" -

Friday Night Funkin’ Vs Dave and Bambi Gapple – X – FNF MODS [HARD] “The top 10 awesome!!! Section”

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Friday Night Funkin Vs Dave And Bambi Golden Apple:
Bookey Mod version: ONE SECTION LEFT YALL, hopefully i can make it…


  1. are the top 10 awesome songs coming soon?

  2. This is indeed very high quality
    Song left to make: 3
    Question box: after finishing Golden Apple, try the April fools version. Or Sonic.exe 2.5

  3. Nice bro and good quality and the sound MY HEAR THEY BLEED HLP😬I CAN'T LISTEN TO MY COUSIN TALKING AND MY MOM

  4. I seriously thought this was a community game video

  5. i appreaciate you also changing T10A's placeholder icons aswell lmao

  6. i really love that You put icons to the fake songs

  7. Covers
    Sunshine: X Doll
    Left Unchecked: Alt Four
    Collusion: Teardrop vs TV
    Also Gary was in main files
    Brobgonal idle is Fanmade

  8. Good job on the mod! It took you so long for you to finish it you deserve more comments and views and also subscribers I told all my friends all about you and they all subscribed and watch all your videos! Thank god YouTube recommended this channel can’t wait to see the next video!

  9. How to make a female bookey

    1st: get a make bookey and shove a fucking flower on there head

    Done looks exactly like a gurl

  10. POV:you commented so bookey can heart your comment

  11. its 11 pm and i left my pen for the drawing tablet at my friends house, help i cant draw

  12. yo are you still going to reskin the sonic.exe mod? or nah?

  13. Now im just waiting for insane demon and extreme demon

  14. I LOVE TOP 10 AWESOME BANGERS!!!1!1!1!1!1!1!1111 -X

  15. now you have to reskin the cover section


  17. you should've had it have the chapters just like communitygame does

  18. What YouTube be like: me: man this fnf mod was so hard to beat:) :toxic YouTuber wow kid ur so bad me again: oh yeah then I like to see you try it on YouTube see how u like it toxic YouTuber: bet! The next day toxic YouTuber: oh I didn't beat the mod byeee!!! Hopefully it has so much like and views only 2 views and 1 like lol me: 23,000 views and 700 likes lol I won the contest ?plot twist bookey won the contest with 865 likes and 24,655 views roses are red violets are blue bookey had way more views than you lol the end

  19. what if bookey reskinned DDE

    Ohungi => Rocky
    Cuble Gooble => Loser
    Jimble Froing => Winner
    Bambzerker => Evil Leafy
    Soup => Nonexisty (it's just the hoverboard)
    L => Golf Ball
    Bin => Tennis Ball

  20. did yknow sometimes in math x can be 10 top ten x awesome!1!!!11

  21. You know, i through it was nonexisty and not X png xd xd xd xd

  22. So like the songs arent charted is what your saying?

  23. firstly i was like: OMG COMMUNITY GAME POSTED A NEW BFB MOD?? then i saw it and i just: NAAA- dissapears

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