Friday Night Funkin': VS HD Tricky B-sides FULL WEEK + Cutscenes [FNF Mod/HARD] Madness Combat Mod -

Friday Night Funkin’: VS HD Tricky B-sides FULL WEEK + Cutscenes [FNF Mod/HARD] Madness Combat Mod

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VS Tricky Full Week Mod has come back with double hits: HD and B-side remix. All Tricky phases has been remade and remixed. Enjoy!

00:00 HD B-sides Animation Preview
00:13 Menu
00:18 Opening Cutscene
00:32 Improbable Outset B-side Remix (HD Tricky vs BF)
2:18 Hank Cutscene
2:36 Madness B-side Remix (HD Tricky vs BF)
6:39 HellClown B-side Remix (HD Tricky vs BF)
8:55 Ending Cutscene
10:37 Expurgation B-side Remix (HD Tricky vs BF)
13:53 Outro

Tricky B-Side HD
Creator: PalmerZ

Original Tricky Mod:


Banbuds – Director, Artist and Animator

Rozebud – Musician and Programming

KadeDeveloper – Programming

Cval – Charting, off-setting

YingYang48 – Composer

JADS – Composer

Moro – Cutscene 3 + 4, Backgrounds

Special Thanks!

Tom Fulp – SFX

Krinkels – Madness Combat

GwebDev – Video Cutscene Code

Tsuraran – Chicken Dance Remix


  1. Imagine if tricky was glitching so much

  2. Hellclown b side Is really the song of the fan Made by tricky phase 5

  3. wha- THAT"S THE SAME MUSIC OF MY HANK OVER TRICKY MOD!!!! (i was thinking that it would be that music and i was like nah it's not that music and it was)

  4. The fact it's called b side makes me angry for some reason

  5. The Hellclown track in this mod is actually Reality 2.1, The fan-made Tricky Phase 5 mod song

  6. i epicly like how the f**** hellclown hd thing is tricky 2.1

  7. magtorture X (the hyper god of the galaxy) says:

    i will like it if its a new version not the old version

  8. where’s the accowal b side hellclown song you can find it on YouTube

  9. Tricky:Welcome to club M we sell COOKIE
    Grunt:uh ok
    Tricky:in the trash can
    Hank:BUT WHY!

  10. When I turn brightness off trickys icon is very hard to see

  11. I like vs tricky hd b side boyfriend green and purple

  12. Mod in a mod. Whats next? Mod on a mod in a mod which is actually on a mod too?

  13. Sorry to say but… THAT IS REALITY BEND- 🅰️🅰️🅰️🅰️🅰️🅰️🅰️🅰️🅰️🅰️🅰️🅰️

  14. Saving this cause if I wonder why it was because this is awesome

  15. straight up stole community games thumbnail

  16. Tricky + hd + b-side, MODCEPTON

    can’t wait for tricky vs. Whitty neo-sides hd hellchart corrupted restored

  17. Ummmm I'm guessing the creator didn't think about using the actual b side (old beatstreet) hellclown song and the actual character and just used the fan made phase 5 beatstreet song and tricky which isn't even hellclown

  18. I downloaded this and changed all the songs to the Updated Beatstreets Tricky Songs

  19. Alternative title:
    Thanos but he has all types of seizure and is a skittles bag now and he plays fortnite and he is short

    Explanation of the fortnite
    Fortnite builders spam ultra speed
    Rage super easily (tricky got his mask taken off And goes through all phases)
    Fortnite people are hard to beat in fortnite so his song are very "tricky" 😏

    I like making a lot of jokes its "madness"

  20. este mod es una estafa la última canción se escucha igual que la original

  21. The palletes are not the same.
    B side colors are wrong.

  22. Noob: 99999999999 misses
    Pro: 200 misses
    Hacker: 20 misses
    God: 0 misses

  23. why does phase 3 tricky it's like phase 5 tricky

  24. There is one thing, if u play it on ez or normal or hard it's all same I did play it and it didn't change but it's a nice mod. The thing is tho played this song vs hank and not tricky so I could be wrong!

  25. Call it something like glitch sides or something cuz that’s what the songs sound lie

  26. Phase 3 is just phase 5 but blue……

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