Friday Night Funkin vs Tricky Phase 5 Remastered (FNF MOD/HARD) -

Friday Night Funkin vs Tricky Phase 5 Remastered (FNF MOD/HARD)

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Oh! It’s Tricky phase 5 vs Hank
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00:00 Animation
00:09 Phase 5 Song
2:12 Animation 2
2:24 Auditor Song
5:00 Outro
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  1. My fav tricky phase is 3. What’s you’re fav guys!?

  2. I like the old one than the new one

  3. Mi piaci così tanto lo sappiamo che tutti è gigante elettrico fa parte di

  4. Ovviamente sarebbe Flavi non paghi è un gioco bellissimo

  5. Nevada è un posto brutto frasi non fanchin mi preme solo le crocette e basta e poi c'è anche la se perdi fai una brutta fine

  6. Modulo aveva messa proprio Io è una mod così hard se metti hard o

  7. Bruh the auditor songs is bashing drums from castle crashers but sang by tricky man

  8. Totogamer999 Juegos, aventuras y más says:

    You made the animation?

  9. phase1finish: yes! now phase 2

    phase2 finish: now phase 3 =)

    phase 3 finish: oh it is hard

    phase 4 finish: yes ı finished…oh…phase 5

    phase 5 finish: DİE!!!
    phase 532 finish: enough!!! ı hate you!!

  10. I love the fact the auditor is singing concept

  11. In the left there is an among us character with an minicrewmate on the head

  12. Por qué está among us dónde está tricki

  13. The only thing that makes not good is auditors song he is at trickys spot and has the sound of him and hank has BfS voice


    Auditor song tricky XD

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