Gacha Club: Fnf + Fnaf 1 react to Tricky mod phase 1 to 3 -

Gacha Club: Fnf + Fnaf 1 react to Tricky mod phase 1 to 3

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  1. You do not kill clown clown kills you

  2. why did tabi look like isablle from animal crossing when you put the black round eyes on him

  3. gf when she see tricky phase 3: kalm
    gf when she see a lightning: heart rate:999

  4. Y ruv dijo ay no aguanta nada traiganle una falda a la niña 😐

  5. Where is phase 4 expurgation WHERE PLZ I NEED SEE IT IT'S MY DRUGS

  6. “I know you feel Tricky”
    -Whitty, Tabi, and Agoti.

  7. Cookie,vroooooooooooooo neeeeeeevrooooooooo oooooooo

  8. at first i was thinking that agoti was lefty and tabi was golden freddy. I couldnt tell that whitty was there.

  9. Gacha kids quiting fandom cuz of tricky came out BAHAHA


  11. Gf when with tricky: kalm
    Gf when hears lightning and with stare Crown: Panik

    Gf when with other scary boss: kalm

  12. Forgot forgot the other mod again comes with the trick that crazy clown I don't know how to say it comes with mod

  13. Fnaf pov .1: who that
    Me: that hank tricky enemy

  14. Podría aser con los mismos personajes el mod de tabi triki canción caos

  15. Ruv,agoti,tabi and whitty could barely push tricky to even use the extremes so don't underestimate tricky

  16. Anyone realize he flipped boyfriend off in Phase 3 XD

  17. If tricky were here he would evolve in those phases

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