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HELLCLOWN || VS TRIXIE COVER! || Friday Night Funkin Tricky Mod

Ramen Noodiles
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HELLCLOWN IS HERE!! FINALLY!!! Expurgation is coming soon 🙂

Thanks to my best pal OLIVE (again) for making the cover for this video, she’s the best 🙂

Discord server code : (must be 16+)
Instagram – @ramennoodiles
tiktok – @ramennoodiles
soundcloud – @rayrayraynbow
roblox – @xxcasxpicolover123xx

Programs I use;
Animation – Moho pro 13
Mod Sprites – Adobe Animate
Artwork – Ibispaint x (mobile) Medibang (PC)
Video – Adobe Premiere Pro
Stream Recording – OBS studio
Music – Soundtrap
Beeps – UTAU

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  1. Wait this it's What harm madness combat ?????

  2. 1:01
    Tricky: (Monsterous Screech)

    Trixie: (Female motor turns on)

  3. why does she look alot like wendy from wendy's after you go to the mcdonald's next to the wendy's

  4. Trixie says 'Wow!!' at the start.
    She is amazed at Ramen noodiles work.

  5. Ayo ramen today's my birthday anyways i love this hell clown cover certified banger lol 🙂

  6. Pov: trixies face looks like a teddy lmao

  7. Damn, that's an INCREDIBLE cover! I must admit, it's super cool! If you were to make it a mod,

    I recommend this mechanic:

    Blocking arrows: When you press one of those arrows, for example ⬆️, it will be blocked for a few seconds, that is, you will not be able to use it and the arrows that you must press will only pass by, the idea is not to press the "Arrows Lock ".

    Another idea would be to set them in the style of the Tricky sign.

    I hope this little idea is useful to you 😊

  8. Hey Ray, could you cover Accelerant by replacing the vocals of Tricky and Hank with Trixie and Moisty as Hank?

    it would be epic 😥😥😥💕💕💕💕💕

  9. I swear the god that scream at the start sounds like a fucking car.



  10. Paulino Franconi el ex cazador de gachatubers says:

    i need trixie phase 0

  11. no faltarán los que digan que falta expurgation

  12. The scream at the first of it made me fall out of my bunkbed-
    Ouch 😂

  13. Fricken love this i really love trixie i,m even happy yur still alive even here in this world all you do is make my day even trixie and Cassandra i love thwm pls keep this up!!!! Aajajakosjanaq i also really like start where she screams that sounds so cool whwn i make my own fnf music i,ll get very inspired from you alot!!! 😀

  14. if there is a Trixie, So there is also a Hanaka? ._.

  15. After the mod finally comes out Charmx the King better make covers of trixie vs tricky and trixie vs hank
    Heck might as well make both tricky, hank, and trixie rap battle each other

  16. Penillian Cassandra singing Bacterial Contamination? C:

  17. Trixie's vocals sound less intimidating. But the SCREAMS THO

  18. I liked how the result turned out, I'm curious to see expugation or a possible phase 5

  19. Tricky: don’t laugh don’t laugh don’t laugh
    Chill tricky it’s just another you singing
    Tricky: clown finds this cool and funny
    Even at her demon form she still has more better vocals then you
    Tricky:……f*ck you hank

  20. Tricky: pissed off clown screaming

    Trixie: C O M P U T E R C R A S H

  21. If this was an actual mod i would play it for D A Y S

  22. Imagine female tricky meets none gender tricky yeaahhh

  23. Is it just me but Demon Trixie give me Wendy's vibe?

  24. I'm having a lesbian panic atm. MY GUY THIS SOUNDS AMAZING YOU DID SUCH A GOOD JOB SIR

  25. Me: turns on motor and tried to run away from my mom's house

    Mom: 0:01

  26. Tricky: AHHHHHHHH MY EARS!!!!!!
    Trixie pov: (ok maybe I went TO overboard…..)
    Beat street tricky: ok I'm back from killing gurnts and I got hot dog-WHAT HAPPENED TO THE WINDOWS!?!?!?!?!
    Soft au tricky:………………..
    Clown tricky: if I didn't have ear plugs I would be deaf.
    Minus tricky: Trixie I know your the only girl here but pls don't yell so loud that glass breaks.
    Clownx (aka tricky .exe):er-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r0r
    Corrupted tricky: (fainted because of how loud the beginning was)

  27. I think it would be better if instead of BF, sing GF against Trixie, don't you think?

  28. Joshua The Pennywise Creepy Horror Fan 2006 says:

    If anyone who’s a simp, this is definitely “death by snu snu”

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