How To Download & Install Tricky Version 2 Mod | Friday Night Funkin' [FNF MODS] -

How To Download & Install Tricky Version 2 Mod | Friday Night Funkin’ [FNF MODS]

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Download and install fnf tricky phase 3, version 2.0 tricky mod. Friday night funkin. Download link fnf tricky version 2.0

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  1. omg none of these stuff make sense to me i try to do it but i dont understand 🙁


  3. Thank you for help im happy i will like your video and sub!

  4. Whenever i download it, i load it, and its stuck on the intro screen. Im stuck on the screen where its bf next to hank, and demon tricky behind them

  5. can you open the google file on a chromebook??

  6. i didnt see how to download it u just dhowed to open that bruh

  7. i tried to do that but it keeps saying that it haves something with songs and nothing happens

  8. I was so scared this was a scam but thank god it wasn’t!

  9. 2:41 at the first cutscene my game stops working, i still here the sound affects when it starts but trickys teeth wont go away ;-;

  10. So twitter did not finish tricky absolutely andhe came back…

  11. bro i need a help when i try to open on win10 it tells me that it doesnt run on my pc

  12. i Gave you 4 subscribers and it worked hope ur glad 🙂

  13. do this mod have a virus cause i dont wanna get killed by my big sis :c

  14. Not files i want tricky mod without files im noob

  15. i know how to stop hellclown from lagging!

    press 7 and add a down arrow on both sides

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