How to Draw Tricky the Clown - Friday Night Funkin Mod -

How to Draw Tricky the Clown – Friday Night Funkin Mod

Wow Rainbow
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  1. Well I wrote it with a pencil it actually truned out pretty good

  2. dose tricky have purple shoes or blue shoes

  3. My friend says that tricky is a SCP and my brother says he is jason

  4. Maybe speed it up a little cuz it way too slow my guy 🙄🙄🙄

  5. Finally I am able to draw my fav character tricky i always play this song at funky Friday

  6. The Drawingverse - Offical Channel 🇺🇦 says:

    I need to trace this.

  7. Did you actually draw those because if you didn’t I’m just saying

  8. ლატავრა დავითაძე says:

    thanks for helping :))))))))))))))))

  9. Your videos are the best I watch them every day because I love drawing

  10. It turned out great, very good video thank you very much

  11. Really good ty. Also can you do tricky phase 0.5

  12. عبدالله جيجي : ABDLLAH GG says:

    كيف رسمت هذي شخصية اعرف انك تخطط على رسمة ثم تحدد وترسم
    ارجوك علمني متابعك من العراق

  13. I did it and now my tricky drawing before look bad and the one i copied of yours looks rly good 😉

  14. Nose porque no calculas los cm porque me salio una fucking shit

  15. Abang ganteng bikin fnf si tabi x 2 dong pliss

  16. (Drawing) Not so great but i did it! Its VERY helpful. (Its VERY VERY VERY helpful)

  17. I Lllllllove the drawing ✍️ but I HATE THE AD”S!!!!!!!

  18. i justed finished tricky thank you you are a rainbow

  19. Done thanks for the drawing its cool my Tricky 👍 🙂

  20. Thank u so much for helping me draw him

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