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I Google Translated FNF MOD Characters 30 Times!

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From Tricky to “Card Tricks”, Sonic to “Your Uncle”, and Garcello to “Gas”, we Google Translate FNF mod characters 30 times! We cover the Friday Night Funkin Hall of Fame such as Sonic.Exe, Imposter, Edd, Bob, and more!

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In this video, we Google Translate FNF mod characters 30 to 100 times! This includes Hall of Fame Friday Night Funkin mods such as Whitty, Shaggy, Sarv, Agoti, and more! We also meet Ruv from Mid Fight Masses, as well as Julian from Whitty’s new update week. Majin Sonic also sneaks his way in here with one of the best translations!

Among other friends and foes include Tabi, which will be getting a new Love Week update in the future! I wonder if any leaks will come out tho? Hex logs into battle as well as the OG, Zardy, known for Foolhardy! Nonsense makes some more chaos, and we meet some of the Sussy Among Us Imposter cast such as Red and Clowfoe! V4 should be around the corner too!

Along with Bob, are Ron and Little Man. Matt shows off his ping pong skills, and Kapi returns with a whole new DRIP THO! Doki Doki Monika Tonika schmoves in, while CJ needs the 100 TIMES MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE button for his big as heckaroonie Mega-Man boss shoes, like sheeeesh!!

Annie do be drinkin’ da liquid tho, and ya BOI EDD shows up, along with the infamous EDUARDO, WELL WELL WELL THO! Of course, Dave and Bambi snuck their way in even with a Pepe the Bambi that literally took an hour to make. But it kinda looks dope though right? Man, this video took a long time. Like, really long. But I think it came out great, honestly one of my favorites. I wish I could show you the entire process, like whoo-boy were some parts a doozy! But, it was all fun, and I hope you enjoyed some of the more heavily edited parts like Tricky, Bob, and of course Trumungus Dungus.

ANYWAYS! What’s a Hall of Fame video without Hypno from Hypno’s Lullaby? LOOK AT THOSE ABS!! And newly introduced Hall of Fame is Ken, I mean The Smiler, or Trollge, or Abnomanly 01-AB somethin’ somethin’. OH and QT and KB are here too dude! Damn, I’m having like a whole a– conversation with myself here, I’m just as bad as Google Translate talking to itself in the last video. Yes, this is part 2 baybee! If you’re somehow reading this far, first of all, it’s cool you like lore and stuff. Also, wait… what were we doing? Oh yeah, I translated the base game characters too! Check that out yo, if you’re starting with this one. It has a Smiling Friends outro that no one has commented on yet D: Be the first one! That show’s pretty dope. I just watched a video on how it’s changing the landscape of adult cartoons and it’s pretty wild.

OK PLEASE finish up, it’s literally 4:29am lol. OH so the last character is TRUMUNGUS DUNGUS!!! AKA Tree from the Trumungus Dungus mod. Yo so I’m starting to stream soon and I have 12 emotes ready, but Trumungus Dungus is gonna be one, like how could you not have one as part of the Metatera lore. Oh btw a Guessing Video should be next. It was actually filmed in December, but I got that lit interview with Clowfoe, and then the success with Google Translate. Hint: it’s Smash Bros. Oops, too much hint lol, but if you’re reading this far down you deserve some kinda award man. Dude, I LOVE Kirby!!

What was your favorite name, or who’d you like to see next? Comment down below! =)


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Risk: You must put your name through Google Translate 100 times. And whatever comes out has to be your name forever.

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  1. 4:27 aah aah aah it’s bob

    I love the bob mod it’s cute 😉

  2. Metatera:garcello? More like fart-shmellow-
    Garcello:hello darkness my old friend…… I've come to talk with you again….. ¶n¶

  3. Aaron is basically not how u say it its aron but it’s spelt Aaron

  4. Ken hahahahahaahhaahhaahahahhahahahahaahahahhahahahaahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaha!

  5. Telling brian do it 100X and back to 1X so righty

  6. nonsense in french is Sans signification so they just made another language, i know that cause i'm french

  7. bean dj /mitch productions - gacha life, etc. says:



  9. I love when he changes his voice to that squeeky one!

  10. my favorite youtuber is mrbeast yep hes my favorite

  11. I love how hypno’s was MATHEMATICAL CALCUATIONS! bruh how dose that fit in with Hypno!?

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