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I Met PHASE 5 TRICKY In Friday Night Funkin

Ominous Nebula
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I Met PHASE 5 TRICKY In Friday Night Funkin


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  1. What the f**k this is the chords lego unding country with

  2. Literally everytime he says the song is fire

  3. ruv has alot of earthquake sound effects and tricky doesn't have that sound of power and also in roblox september 7 2022 tricky phase 5 might come

  4. First tricky you met ominous is human version of tricky

  5. what if he actually played tricky phase 5 on easy

  6. The most awkward part is when Hank ran out of bullets in the middle of a battle and the music ended lol

  7. Hank: dead

    2-3 mimutes later

    Hank: I AM ALIV-

  8. The first tricky was tricky before he turned into a zombieclown

  9. Tricky was a happy clown but got bitten by a zombie

  10. Maddness is the definition of when your mom comes to give you dinner and your like BRUH IM PLAYING CALL OF DUTY AFTER no son

  11. Phase 4 trickt be like: am I a joke to you.

  12. Only madness combat watcher's know all of this

  13. The combo god id back in the house yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  14. I can fc tricky phase 5 because I am fucking awesome

  15. Ominous nebula is a master at this fnf mod maybe we should give him a 0 misses reward

  16. Ominous is so good at Friday night funkin mods that he looks like he’s using bot play

  17. Is it just me or you hacking. Wait it is just me

  18. So is anyone gonna tell Nebula that’s unzombified Tricky?

  19. I have the tricky phase 5 animation on funky friday

  20. I thought you were making a video of Roblox

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