IMPROBABLE OUTSET || VS TRIXIE COVER! || Friday Night Funkin Tricky Mod -

IMPROBABLE OUTSET || VS TRIXIE COVER! || Friday Night Funkin Tricky Mod

Ramen Noodiles
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So I got addicted to Madness Combat. I made a female version of Tricky because why not? So I wanted to make a cover with Trixie with a little voice I made up for her! Thank to Julius who made the artwork for this video 🙂

Check out the original mod!

Discord server code : wdjxN2Ckb8 (must be 16+)
Instagram – @ramennoodiles
twitter – @noodiles
tiktok – @ramennoodiles
soundcloud – @rayrayraynbow
roblox – @xxcasxpicolover123xx

Programs I use;
Animation – Moho pro 13
Mod Sprites – Adobe Animate
Artwork – Ibispaint x (mobile) Medibang (PC)
Video – Adobe Premiere Pro
Stream Recording – OBS studio
Music – Soundtrap
Beeps – UTAU


  1. why does this sounds like cassandra on drugs

  2. Alternative song names:
    -Improbable Appearance
    -Eyes burning
    -Evacuation please

  3. Imagine improbable outset and madness with cassandra


  5. I wanna see the madness version of this. I love it

  6. Im not a fan of the female tricky. The song is good though.

  7. tricky the clown but the one from castle crashers

  8. 0:48 COOKIE!!!!!! A A E E E COOKIE!!!!!!! A A A E E E!!!!!!

  9. why does trixie sound like cassandra

  10. Kinda sounds like cassandra with a scratchy throat

  11. Zippity Doo Da, Zippitibian! The Girlfriend now has the grand lesbian!

  12. maybe its trickys gf- i hope this works…….

  13. Is it me or trixie's voice is a mix with tricky and cassandra? She has like a bit of cassandr's tone…

  14. Hmmm what does this voice sound like …hmmmm🤔

  15. Ok look my au of tricky he knows all of the other trickys but not Trixie so yeah he and the other trickys are going to be really confused of what she is so……..

  16. I don't love/ship trixie with me (im not a simp) i ship trixie x hank

  17. Ay algunas cosas que pienso que están mal

  18. okay i feel like trixie doesn't put more emphasis then tricky because he hides bf's auto tune unless thats just me

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