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[J.A.P.] Madness Megalovania [FNF Tricky Mod X Red Megalovania Mashup]

Just Some Skeletons
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Dust Sans sprite by Tmntleo15 (Updated by -TheKidd-
Tricky Mod by Banbuds
Dusttale by Ask (?)
Undertale by Toby Fox


  1. * Heh,finnally you're here,now,we are equally determined,equally powerfull,when i kill you,i will be the most determined of the universe,you will never come here again,lets start this mad time,in this hell,togheter![Bf & tricky from madness combat starts singing]* wait,wat?

  2. *Not so long time ago…..
    *Humans and monsters lived in armony,then them broke in a war,the humans won gg ez nub,then they're under ground now lol nubs,Mt.Ebott but cringy lol,2021,the legends say that if u go to the montain u're gay,well,she was that Frisk woman of all the Cringy fandoms so she throw herself under the montain anyways lol. . .

    *ufff,finally,i finished that crigy story,now that we oofed them 138 times,we will do it again but more krigy,ok =)?


    • hello,U re finnally here
    Trickt vs bf plays*
    • da fuk?,anyways,its time for edgy time and now i will be more determined because im dusttale sans from dusttale from undertale.

    Madness megalovania plays*

    dust's hp goes to 0*

    • nooo,Gg ;-;

    "u do not kill clown,clown kills you"*

    • da fuk,Watefuk wit that beam aaa

    Hp goes to 99*

    • oh

    • well im determind,its time for phase 2,now i have 999 atk 999 def 999 hp because im sans phase 2

  3. Una pelea de maníacos
    Tricky VS murder sans
    ¿Ganará un esqueleto determinado o un payaso zombi? Pelea de los vergasos

  4. fireboy1236indo / FIREBLOX Official Undertale Au says:

    Murder time trio + tricky?


    "WHY CANT I GET LV????????????"

  6. *We killed him more than 300 times, now he's filled with MADNESS

  7. When dust sans has had enough with frisk and gets 400M power and oofs frisk OOF

  8. Part of dust's song actually goes well with madness

  9. That sprite is good, and the song is amazing

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