Madness (Neutroa Remix)(FNF Tricky Mod) -

Madness (Neutroa Remix)(FNF Tricky Mod)

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Seems like you guys liked the other remix I made 😛
Hope you enjoy this one as well!

A discord member made a nice recolor mod with my remixes in it all recharted! Check It Out HERE!

Original Mod:

Original by: Rozebud


You may use any of my songs but you must give credit. That is all I ask. Don’t try and claim something that’s not yours’s and or try and make a profit from it!


  1. Bro you should be hearing this in a sports car playin bast boosted

  2. This is my favorite tricky remix of them all it’s awesome 😎

  3. Ngl, this is THE best Madness remix out there, and by a long shot, the part where they harmonise together is so fucking good it's almost ilegal, keep it up man

  4. The part on 1:30 is so good and clean, I love this remix, good work Neutroa!

  5. What if there is a mod when every beat drop he turns to another phase

  6. This music is playing while I play bedwars (boblox edition)

  7. You could have called this an entirely new song and I wouldn't have questioned it.

  8. raise your hand if you want to have a midi file of vocals so you can make cover of this

  9. Im planning on turning into a fnf mod for my version of tricky radioactive tricky

  10. In fact all of your remixed tricky songs ill make in to the mod if you don't mind

  11. hey you take requests? full ost requests on that behafe ((I CANT SPELL))

  12. Tricky much better do this song dude this is good


    I am wondering if I can use this song in my metal sonic rebooted mod but metal sonic sings is

    I will credit you for the song of course and if you want to talk about it then

    Disc ord: MEEPERS#6490

    btw I said it like this because YouTube will delete it

  14. Черт!Да этот ремикс прекрасен чел.
    Походит по звучанию к Нео Моду)

  15. Best Madness remix by far, way too underrated

  16. Hey Neutroa, would your remixes like to be on roblox funky friday? Just asking lol

  17. I recommend turning on subtitles

  18. Even my loading bar liked it it loaded to the beat

  19. Ayo bruh, can ya please post that on Spotify????

  20. This kinda sounds like tiKy and boyfriend are chilling together IDK why

  21. 0:58
    Tricky:S P O O K Y
    me:oh u talking about the madness combat community after being revived?

  22. Holy this is banger even year later. Such a good song

  23. I'm sure that someone's gonna use this if they plan on making a fanmade Nightmare Tricky mod

  24. Ima just use this if it’s ok I will I just put credits

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