Murderface Tricky vs Hank | Friday Night Funkin' Mod -

Murderface Tricky vs Hank | Friday Night Funkin’ Mod

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this isnt a OMG! phase 919932401 trikcy??!?1/
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  1. IT SO COOL and I got a D for Drawing this But IT SO CO

  2. You're the only person that can get Tricky's voice right and that is just impressive.

  3. Tricky is the only zombie in the series that has a personality and hank hes just tired of this shit raps trash talk

  4. O boi friend tá lá atrás no fundo só olhando o Hank «± №⁰∅·⁶f

  5. This isn't right soundtrack, i think, only one soundtrack with this nickname from high effort hank

  6. Guy:Im so sorry Whitty but you don’t have 3 and over phases.
    Red and Green Impostor: shows up
    Guy: Hello Sirs what is your guys names.
    Green: Im The Green Impostor and this is Red.
    Red: hello im Red
    Guy: How many phases do both of you guys have
    Both of them: 3!
    Guy: k you guys are allowed in
    Tricky: shows up
    Guy: Hello sir what’s your name
    Tricky: The name is Dr Tricky Hoffnar! Or people just call me Tricky The Clown.. some even call me DJ Tricky.
    Guy: ok.. your an interesting one, uh how many phases do you-
    Tricky: Y E S

  7. Have you seen boyfriend at the back of the stage?, as if he knew he must keep his distance

  8. I like how the the grunt is more concerned about hank than tricky

  9. i really love the parts of when they are singing together, it just sounds so fricken' awesome

  10. Lb calcium: i have 3 phases
    Literally every madness comabt character: skill issue lmao

  11. Honestly I think this is the perfect vision for the absolute tug of war this song is, this actually feels like a moment from madness combat!

    Also hot dog guy just there.

  12. Hotdog guy:SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT

  13. Hotdog be like omg

    Favorite food
    Hotdog clown is mine

  14. Gf said go rab battle the clown and hank and bf likes bro I have to face them

  15. Bf just behind a rock just like"wtf is going on?!"

  16. I bet that grunt feels are real safe next to tricky well they shouldn't…

  17. Can use it for a mod?

  18. 𝙇𝙠.𝕍𝕚𝕥.𝖟𝖎𝖓×_× says:

    Wow Boyfriend there is

  19. winner gets the hotdog in the back

  20. I’m good FNF mod they are where to come across

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