Pretending to be Tricky in Roblox Friday Night Funkin -

Pretending to be Tricky in Roblox Friday Night Funkin

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I pretended to be Tricky and used my Improbable Drive to find Hank for the sole purpose of battling him.
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Special thanks to sleepy (Tricky2345) for helping me with this video!
Thank you all for being patient while I finished this video!

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  1. Im to you sucribe and Like!!!🙏🙏😃

  2. Is it edited or is that the mod when you put on the singers' squin?

  3. addicted to friday night entertainment

  4. Wow they changed demon tricky ALOT

  5. Me seeing you get everything in sick! POV my mind: Is there a all sick! Gamepass?

  6. Bro,you're so much talented!😶👍

  7. So strange how the old demon tricky roblox animation looked

  8. Tricky phase 3 lookes so bad back then 🤣

  9. my first time playing this, arrows so fast so i press random arrows


  11. How do we become tricky and i tried that it didnt work 🙁

  12. How the hell did you do that i tried it and it didnt even work it just ended like nothing fricking happend

  13. This took a long time to make, thank you all for being patient with me! Costumes link in the description has been updated to include the new Tricky outfits!
    If you want to see sneak peeks of any future videos that I make, or want to chill with my community, come check out the Discord!
    EDIT: These videos aren't cheap, but thanks to Roblox, I now have a star code. You can support me with code 'Fanatic'

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