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Welcome to another episode of Friday Night Funkin’ – I’ve been holding out for week 7 & more intense mods and recently I had just about everyone tell me about Tricky the Clown. Turns out we have a new competitor that’s more difficult than Whitty. Oh boy…

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Mods used:
ex-GF skin:
Coconut Mall:
FNF But Bad:

Kevin Macleod:

Ironside Click here to customize your own PC –


  1. I know I'm late but if u can play the garcello fnf mod

  2. If you think about it fnf bad is techincally fnf in real life, cuase their not really singing, their just making random noises

  3. the transition is faster than the next phase of springtrap.

  4. Ah yes…. Who came back here to remember the ogs?

  5. Those special notes that tricky hit are in Phase 3

  6. It's about to be a year for this video. One of the best fnf videos he posted back then. Can't wait to see morr fnf from him if he's up for more.

  7. Ryan:yea the song fading out
    Me in my head:little does he know

  8. Ryan at one point at imporable outset:
    I got 18 misses?! Where did those come from?!

    *Gets around 30 misses*
    I did good 😌

  9. Fnf but bad is poggers best mod to ever exist

  10. 5:23 when he misses here. Listen to Tricky’s vocals it sounds sick actually.

  11. Im trying to beat madness with no misses and it is hard

  12. I tried this and I just spam my laptop lol and its loud

  13. Ryan, if you don't know why BF and GF were in Nevada for this mod, it's because that's where the setting of Madness Combat generally takes place outdoors

  14. Ryan: beating whitty 2.0
    Also ryan:, getting beaten by a zombie clown

  15. is this tricky clown meant to be a rip off from the newgrounds tricky clown? lol

  16. Why is Bryan not bothered that a green demonic nightmare is saying "COOKIE" in a rap battle cuz if that's irl it would be to distracting

  17. I beaten this and I was a at 1hp at the last phase my good and my finger are burning😅

  18. He says madness is the hardest song ever after beating whitty addon like tf

  19. Ryan genuinely sounds like a god looking for fun in an otherwise boring life where everything is on easy mode for him ngl

  20. When he spawns, it looks like a warden in minecraft by just coming out from the ground.

  21. Wait so he did this using the old input which when you press the key early it misses. Legend

  22. 8 but Ryan watch madness combat it will show all the lore you need to know

  23. 8bitryan: Im not a machine. Im not a machine game, how!?
    Also 8bitryan: Completes Whitty 2.0

  24. The look of physical anguish Ryan made when Tricky started rapping, he thought it was all over-

  25. Osu mania players: Wait this is supposed to be hard?

  26. I’m so glad they made a tricky mod, and I am even more glad that Ryan played it

  27. Also if I were him I would have a long break before the next mod he plays. Ryan’s fingers need a break I bet due to phases 2 and 4

  28. Yeah if you didn’t know there’s a phase 4

  29. Idk why, but I love his face when he hears the bass for Milf in fnf but bad right before he plays the song XD

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