SUPER HARD Friday Night Funkin' Mods?? | Shaggy, Tricky, Matt (+bonus mod chart) -

SUPER HARD Friday Night Funkin’ Mods?? | Shaggy, Tricky, Matt (+bonus mod chart)

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In today’s video I’ll be trying 3 super difficult fnf mods that people keep asking me to try. I got a ton of requests of VS Shaggy and VS Tricky and just Friday Night Funkin mods in general so here it is. Let’s run a play through them and try them out!

The extra bonus is a mod chart based on Rhythm Doctor! If you haven’t seen or played that rhythm game yet, you SHOULD

(I don’t think I’ll ever play Funkin Friday or other Roblox fnf games, the timing window leniency wasn’t very fun…)

00:00 – Introduction
00:30 – VS Shaggy
16:10 – VS Tricky
30:03 – VS Matt
40:16 – Bonus Rhythm Doctor mod chart: wish I could care less
43:49 – Ending thoughts

Mod downloads:
VS Shaggy:
VS Tricky:
VS Matt:
wish I could care less:

Keyboard: Steelseries Apex Pro

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Ending Song | Omoi – Teo (remix by rN )
Thanks for watching!


  1. totaku: why does every one portrait GF as a demon

    week 7: litteraly showing her being a fuckin demon

  2. the thing with 21 keys was a version of god eater (the 9k shaggy song)

  3. Me when ya say "that's fast": This… is fast for ya? (not gonna insult but yea that's a normal/pretty slow speed for me) i suck at osu i'm 7 digit 🙁

  4. A thig: Ya never tried to press "7" key during a song? It will show ya… Discover yourself 😏😉

  5. The lore behind the tricky mod is based off a newgrounds series called: Madness Combat.
    Btw, it has blood and lots of violence. The creator of the series: Krinkels will have all the episodes for you to watch.

  6. Shaggy is Quasi-Immortal which is a type of immortality which the user can't age but can still die by harm means.

  7. There is a mod for this that adds 105 keys for each side and it has Boyfriend go super saiyan

  8. I'd love to see you play this game one handed, I honestly cannot play with 2 hands even though it should be way easier that way.

  9. You were lucky you didn’t play old target practice tho when you were here lol

  10. 8:00 That’s a natural assumption Jolene, because Shaggy’s saying "training" but the pitch and speed makes it sound like he’s saying "tray".

  11. My god she can read those notes on the Matt mod

  12. 39:19 i mean yeah they're all spam patterns
    42:34 how r u missing these and not the matt thing
    And tricky

  13. I just noticed when bf misses hes holding a wii controller.

  14. 5:39 I use that skin for everything it's better than arrows for me

  15. Expurgation racist why the black notes got to kill you?

  16. i cant even beat fnf on easy :')

  17. try vs dave and bambi its a hard mod and the difinitive version / purgatory mod, golden apple edtiob

  18. Tzechi: I think I overcooked my rice
    Tokaku: asian intensifies

  19. Technically tricky has 4 fingers… so idk if it counts as middle finger (in his 3 song)

  20. That last chart was awesome!! i can’t wait to pick up rhythm doctor 🙂

  21. bruh nobody noticed kade in the chat when she beat Tricky

  22. ellymidfy manmadent t. kalakachokakulatobotamanya says:

    Tokaku: Why are they give the opponent the hard parts, that's not fair.
    Vs Tricky mod: And I took that personally

  23. had me wondering if my close captions was on but no, she just did that to herself

  24. “This songs better than the first one”

    You definitely pissed off the entire Scooby Doo fan community lol. You literally called the theme song inferior.

  25. Finale should have used beat mania controller


  27. Can you PLEASE PLAY DDTO/ Doki Doki Takeover (fnf mod) AND DDTO BAD ENDING / Doki Doki Takeover Bad Ending (fnf mod)

  28. 146 misses in god eater what kinda legend is this girl

  29. I had a game called Wii sports and i can only connect the wires on an old tv and forgot how to connect on the new tv and mine has no internet and yes now they stopped selling wii and wii sports resort maybe dont have golf and TENNIS

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