Super Smash Bros. Crusade - Tricky the Clown (Madness Combat) Classic Mode Playthrough -

Super Smash Bros. Crusade – Tricky the Clown (Madness Combat) Classic Mode Playthrough

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In honor of madness day on Newgrounds, even though I’m 2 days late, someone made tricky the clown, a standalone character for Smash crusade and I did a playthrough with him. Enjoy
Tricky the clown is one of the main antagonists from the madness combat series, he was once an assassin that was hired by the sheriff and later became the main antagonist in the tricky saga after getting the power of the improbability drive. After he got killed 13 times, he became a zombified psychopathic assassin clown.
(Music Used)
FNF Full ass Tricky mod: Nexus Clown
Improbable Outset, madness, hellclown, Tricky dance (Both Instrumental and vocal) – Rosebud
Expurgation (Both vocal and instrumental) – JADS
FNF VS. Tricky: Tricky dance – Tsuraran
Download the modded character here:
modded character made by: Agent_5

(Game required to import and use. Game link below)
Download the Vanilla Game version here:
Download the modpack here:
Super Smash Brothers Crusade CMC+ is a fan-made project created by the CMC+ team, It is one of the biggest modpacks in the SSBC Community that features a whopping total of 269 total characters (162 starters and 107 unlockables), 216 stages, more 1p game modes like Challenges and an Arcade mode, A sticker collection containing 433 stickers, more custom items, 48 custom assist to help you in battle, and many many more.
Super Smash Brothers Crusade is a fan-made project created by the Project Crusade team that started out with three fans of the smash bros franchise, Phantom7, Falcon8r, and Dr. MarioX. It features 70 playable characters (2 more new characters coming soon), 69 stages, and game modes like break the targets, board the platforms, multi-man crusade, and many more.


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