The Squidward Tricky Mod FULL WEEK [HARD] - Friday Night Funkin' Madness Combat Mod -

The Squidward Tricky Mod FULL WEEK [HARD] – Friday Night Funkin’ Madness Combat Mod

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The Squidward Tricky Mod is now released! Enjoy!

The Full-Ass Tricky Mod:
The Squidward Tricky Mod:

Creator: AdviceGEP, BitTech.
GEP Animation:
BitTechs Productions:
Full credit:

Creator Note:

“The Squidward Tricky Mod is now released! This mod is a joke mod inspired by those tricky be like memes! There are only a few mods that focuses on squidward tricky even though its fairly known in social medias. So, me and my cool friend Bittech decided to team up and make a neat full week that focuses on Spongebob.
This mod includes!
– Spongebob as boyfriend
– Squidward as tiky
– Custom Menu
– Cutscenes
– A full week
– Tricky 2.0 Musics (excluded Expurgation)
– Custom Hud and Arrows
– Custom Backgrounds
– Anything that has changed, of course.

Shout-out to my friend Bittech (Second Channel) for being on the coding side of this mod! He totally nailed almost everything I’ve wanted to do. He’s a cool guy. s u b t o e m ‘”

Friday Night Funkin’ is a musical rhythm game where you compete in freestyle music battles. Press the arrow keys in time with the music to outdo your opponents and enjoy the cool beats!

Friday Night Funkin’ is also supported by a large community of modders, artirsts, coders… Many popular Friday Night Funkin’ mods are being enjoyed all over the world such as Vs Whitty, Vs Hex, Vs TABI, Sketchy…

This version of the game is open-source on Github and available under the Apache 2.0 license. If you want the most recent version of FNF, including Week 7, you can play it on Newgrounds.
Get the game and support the creators of the game!


  1. Why I think the Improbable outset is so weird not like original :V

  2. It’s just when tricky looks in the mirror to find another “handsome squidward” to be afraid of

  3. Ngl the name “TRICKWARD” got me wheezing 😂


  5. whenever trickward says a note I think he's sneezing

  6. For phase 4 it will a good idea to use neptune's crown instead of the halo

  7. The sync in improbable outset hurt my soul

  8. missed opportunity to put squidward playing the chicken dance with his clarinet at the title screen.

  9. This mod is so well done but there is something wrong with the first song

  10. In a way, bf’s voice matches spongebob’s

  11. me: Mom can we have Community Game?
    mom: We have Community Game at Home
    Community Game at home:
    (this is a joke i still think this dude is swag)

  12. I just want the creator of this thing to fix the off-sync Improbable Outset

  13. почему он не пошёл к патрику

  14. Not having jellyfish as the bad notes was a missed opportunity

  15. After seeing red mist Squidward after all these years, I would like to have mods of every rememberable creepypastas.
    If Sonic.Exe and Slenderman can have their own, so can the rest.

  16. For some reason that squidward suicide images doesn't scare me at all anymore

  17. Never realized how close bf sounds to spungle bobbert

  18. Lo mejor es que la voz de boyfriend le queda muy bien a Bob XDDD

  19. "JetPack JetPack All I Need Is That"

  20. I like how Trickward turns into Red Mist Squidward Suicide, but Spongebob still telling him there's a ghost in his house

    Like, there's a LITERAL HELLSPAWN RIGHT in front of you

  21. There is still no expurgation with this mod! Whyyy!

  22. The detail of the background jeez, how its infected with the flying dutchman

  23. Pro tip: if the voices, instrumental, or chart is out of sync, pause and unpause to re-sync them all.

  24. Game over screen is spongebob just run away lol

  25. I can't with spongebob's miss animations. It's priceless XD

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