Tricky Blue | FNF Tricky Mod [Friday Night Funkin] -

Tricky Blue | FNF Tricky Mod [Friday Night Funkin]

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Mod Link :
Bot used on Expurgation since I got tired of dying near the very end, and because of my lack of skill.
The Full Ass Tricky Mod :
Credits :
Music, charts & images : Mr.Idiot –
The Original VS Tricky Authors

This FNF Mod is great, good music, good sprites, good charts, and they even managed to recolor the Cutscenes from the Tricky mod which I found really cool. Really fun take on the original FNF Tricky mod, go check it out.

Sorry for my somewhat poor performance within Tricky’s week, there was a really big desync between the game and my headphones.

Timestamps :
00:00 – Intro
00:46 – Improbable Outset
02:50 – Madness
05:42 – Hellclown
11:53 – Pre Expurgation
12:23 – Expurgation (Botplay)

Tags :
#FridayNightFunkin #FnF #Tricky #Vstricky #trickymod


  1. Hey look it’s one of my imaginations of me

  2. Bruh this is the first tricky blue video I've seen with more than 1,000 view.

  3. B side tricky but I couldn’t be more unoriginal

  4. What is the name of that blue song? I forgot

  5. 🔵Piola para el que le gusta el azul 😎👍🔵

  6. Isn't this like the first time the cutscenes have been changed for a mod?

  7. Ah yes, my favorite United State

  8. Guess you can call this a B(lue)-side tricky mod

    God I’m so unfunny

  9. He really did go super saiyan blue on us

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