Tricky Full Mod Psych Engine -

Tricky Full Mod Psych Engine

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The full Tricky Mod ported to Psych Engine created entirely with Lua. Most features are included such as HP drain in Expurgation, hurt/death notes and more with the exception of menus and other slight changes. This was created as a personal coding project as well as to show off the capabilities of Psych Engine.

0:00 Intro
0:26 Improbable Outset
2:30 Madness
5:54 Hellclown
9:52 Expurgation

ShadowMario – PsychEngine
Banbuds, Rosebud, Kadedev, Cval, YingYang48, JADS, Moro, Tom Fulp, Krinkels, Tsuraran – Tricky Mod

PsychEngine –
Play the original mod here –
Tricky Psych Port –


  1. tricky and hank and hacker and matt what next retrospector

  2. how did you port demon tricky when his up down left right sprites are separate files

  3. Amazing job man! How did you re-create the static screen text with lua?

  4. Yo how did you add hellclown? He has like 4 different sprite sheets.

  5. That was pretty dope you were able to do this, good stuff man.

  6. You should add the original menu tricky sprite and background from vs tricky 1.0, just so it doesn't feel empty

  7. to be honest, I was about to say that this port was bad, but I can see that you put a lot of work into this and after testing it, it isn't that bad! good job ! hope to see more from you

  8. suscriptor numero 50 crack I do not speak English

  9. I like to call this Tricky Mod 1.5 since it looks like an unfinished version of the Full-Ass version.

  10. i couldnt even get to the tricky psych port, so i didnt get to play it for myself

  11. i love how you fixed the offset of tricky

  12. only complaint is expurgation BF's offsets are messed up

  13. I would like a tutorial to download it man the mod

  14. Thank you for making this! I can finally play the mod! (Because my computer couldn’t handle the vs tricky update engine so it would crash)

  15. yooo expurgation is so good how did you get all the mechanics in there

  16. how did you add hellclown tricky i mean all the sprites are on different sheets

  17. To those of you asking how he got hellclown in the game, I think instead of making tricky super big, he made everything else really small

  18. ah yes a fine addition too my collection
    (of psych engine ports)
    (because i enjoy messing around with mods)
    (in a engine i know how too use)
    (because i enjoy psych engine)
    (and the tricky mod)

  19. Hey!, No puedo creer lo bien trabajado que está esto, hay que admitir que en el Kade Engine el input era muy poco preciso, y jugar Madness en medium era IMPOSIBLE, pero en este Port es muchísimo más disfrutable 👏👏

  20. Me: (Am working on porting tricky to psych engine)

    This guy who started 2 months before me:

  21. the mod is good but the story mode is glitched. Usually if u go to the story mode and try to get on Clown week it crashes ur game

  22. its quite hard to know that if you did the screen shake on note hit in source code or in script

  23. very impressive that you've done this with only lua, give yourself a pat on the back

  24. I think is port is really cool, the only question I have is how you made the hellclown sprite sheet, like the program you used

  25. Como lo descargo cuando me meto al link me dice que no tengo acceso…. alguien responda por fas

  26. it says i have no access for some reason (i requested access)

  27. When I click on the tricky psych port, it tells me that I am not allowed to get to it. How can I fix this?

  28. Can you put access to Google Drive again? I really need this port.

  29. how did you get the hell clown into psyche engine?

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