Tricky Mod But Bad! - FNF -

Tricky Mod But Bad! – FNF

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– Chocolatte with a side of milk

– Me! 😀

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  1. Its strange how ppl say "bad" and then make it better then the actual one

  2. Who else kind of likes this “but bad” art style more or just me?

  3. Guy: Makes Tricky mod but bad
    Youtube: Yes yes, this is Mario Bros.

  4. Alternate ending: the blue screen from his comouter crashed

  5. this video: a fanart

    youtube: this is a playtrought from a game from July 14 1983 where you play as an italian plumber to save an princess.

  6. Youtube: heh mario really chamged alot since his death huh why is it now a rythim game

  7. Video: Drawing Friday Night Funkin x Madness Combat
    YouTube: Ah yes this is Mario Bros

  8. You should have just put the regular version

  9. POV you are searching a non Mario Bros comment

  10. Woah Nintendo is doing great with their new game!!

  11. this is the most beautiful thing I ever frickin saw

  12. Looks like my drawing/art skills right now

  13. nonono, bad, don't erase the errors and don't put shadow

  14. tricky but not as high quality but it still looks good

  15. youtube: Oh sobody name Mario bros? from 1983 cool!

  16. The shading makes it better and that's bad

  17. This is not bad this is great I can even draw this good

  18. It doesn’t look bad it looks better then the Real tricky

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