TRICKY: Original VS HD VS Squidward VS Classic | FNF Mods -

TRICKY: Original VS HD VS Squidward VS Classic | FNF Mods

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Friday Night Funkin’ Mods: A side-by-side comparison of Original Tricky. Hope you enjoy!

Once I saw the New Squidward Tricky Skin Mod, I knew that I had to make this comparison video. Also, dang, I love the squidward creepypasta reference.

-Full-Ass Tricky Mod –
-Tricky HD Mod –
-Squidward Tricky Mod –
-Classic Tricky Skin Mod –
-Gameplay footage belongs to their respective owners
-FNF –

0:00 Improbable Outset
2:20 Madness
4:55 Hell Clown


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  1. So,nobody’s gonna tell why tricky he was broken when got up

  2. in heck clown the pineapple is infected

  3. Yup hd is the best unfortunately it doesnt have hellclown

  4. i like how the songebob mod dosent have death / balck and red notes

  5. The HD tricky and the classic one are better

  6. 4:04 Tricky HD car meme, Tricky car meme, Tricky classic car meme, and Trickward car meme

  7. Куцгпкзжбрввилд🤡😠🤮🤧😀🍳

  8. Пввтнугт. Отщзхж180🤔✍️ щрглр🍔🍟

  9. Полевелмшдмн😂😾😀😺йьгушонз🦌🐰

  10. I hate spongbob and patrik onesly thats brain damge and Spongebob is actually evil you dont believe me ok

  11. Normal and classic Hellclown: Demonic screeching
    Squidward Hellclown: aggressive flossing

  12. Squidwards hell clown should be called hell squid

  13. The squidward is because it kinda fit on spongebob

  14. Original: Well… it is the original xd

    HD: This epic

    Squidward: It is very well done

    Classic: This one is super well set with the original Madness Combat

  15. I love how phase 3 classics down note makes him smol

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