Tricky Phase 0 Tricky and Hank Reskin // Skin Mod Showcase -

Tricky Phase 0 Tricky and Hank Reskin // Skin Mod Showcase

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  1. Sudden death, and being brought back would anger anyone

  2. at the backround you can see a zombie and a person that got shot not only that but a blood stain at the wall tricky killed somebody

  3. phase 0 vocals: AH e oo e kitty/gitty NYEGH uh tea/si ke HAAAAAAAAANK o e (this took a long time lol)

  4. Me gusta que tricky hace 🤘🤡


  5. Me: this song is chill and awesome also me: realizes me: THIS SOUNDS LIKE TRICKYS FIRST SONG AND MADDNESS

  6. What what is this craziness what how why is this HD I thought this was the regular mod I thought it was regular mod why is there a phase 0 it’s so funny seriously?????????????????????????????????????????????????Seriously why why why why why why why why why why whyWhy why why why why why why why why why why why why why why by the way I have a puppy

  7. What a nice clown, I hope he doesn’t become a hitman but then improbably driven to madness with power, gets revived seven times, which in his last becomes some sort of skeleton thing with minions and tortures people for his own amusement until his inevitable death.

  8. The beat is basically the vocals for thorns and I love it (also, I love that one of tricky’s poses is him doing this 🤘, really brings back the madness combat nostalgia)

  9. Tricky look so cool on his phase 0!! I love the voice and his sprites. <3

  10. When do you think you will beat me 2x ohh look at you havin a pop off moment 1x oh well looks like your and why not have some fun? Come on stage and have some tea yes my friend 4x YEEAH its all game its all games 2x come on and have some tea right now o now now o my god your doing it lyrics till 1:20

  11. ah yes. i love & want more of tricky shaking before he even became green

  12. 0:35 i love how he’s like. " YEAH !, UP BIG MAN PRETTY GOOD. ! "

  13. Tricky is wanted…? tricky what did you d?

  14. I love the minor detail about tricky's stop sign sound effect in the song

  15. Am I tripping or did I hear that one meme song where the guy says run?

  16. That isnt hank, hank is the guy who helped us in phase 3 and killed by tricky in phase 5

  17. The waiting pose when blue guy goes up and down actually beats with the song perfectly

  18. Nobody:
    Tricky phase 0: BOOTY NYEH AAH TEGAGA TEA

  19. Tricky: NYEAH!
    Also Tricky: becomes Quagmire

    (The Sprites Are Mine (not the minus')
    Song Isn't mine, Credits in the Description (and also downloads.)
    It's very difficult for me to make tricky bop his head because he shakes, I had to use Hank's sprite sheet so it was a little easier but he still wiggles.

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