TRICKY PHASE 3!? NAH. PHASE 4 IS UNREAL. | Friday Night Funkin (Tricky mod full week) -

TRICKY PHASE 3!? NAH. PHASE 4 IS UNREAL. | Friday Night Funkin (Tricky mod full week)

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Yeah, I had to cover this even on my break. Welcome to the Tricky update where now, the mod has a FULL WEEK. In this mod we gain access to Phase 3 of Tricky, and if you take him down on hard.. Phase 4. Phase 4 is absolutely NO JOKE. It may just be the hardest song I have played.

Enjoy the video!

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  1. Black ash dude-Auditor

    Ill tell you more soon, or you can just watch all the episodes of Madness Combat

  2. when you can see red in gfs eyes she uses demon power so she destroyed tricky hell clown late but i hope it help with the story(s)

  3. Ryan: look at him shaking with anger
    Me: facepalm

  4. Tricky is sus in his 3rd form look at his right pose

  5. i got PTSD from playing the phase 4 of Tricky. it took me MONTHS before i finally beat it 😭

  6. I like how gf is always like wow, I know bf is gonna die but this beat is sick.

  7. Search up madness combat on YouTube to find the story of tricky because these people made tricky

  8. by the way i know who the black person is he is the leder the boos of tricky

  9. Ninja name: Hank J wimblton
    Name of the guy at the end of the fourth cutscene:aduitor

  10. That ninja his name is hank also play the hank mod

  11. I did this it’s crazy phase 5 is skeleton. Demon tricky

  12. Ryan: whos that ninja?
    Hank: man,i killed an entire continent and russia

  13. Step 5 The man with his face covered is just beheaded

  14. The one whose face is covered is called Hank

  15. "What is he saying tho"

  16. I saw your breaks you trying to fool me come on game kick him out the game

  17. Tricky phase 3 is saying you'l see true hell

  18. i like how you said final phase but then expurgation comes in

  19. t the beginning it says youuuuuuu seeeeeeeee youuuuuu areeeeeee

  20. guys i dont know how but i beat expurgation first attempt in the car and it was a bumpy ride so please explain how i did it

  21. i cant believe he didn't see the massive background difference

  22. Yeah phase 4 is real if you think its unreal it means you dont know about madness combat

  23. Tricky is not shaking out of anger it’s the end probability drive

  24. That is auditor he also has his own fnf mod

  25. The fact that ryan knows some madness combat gives me some hope for the fnf community.

  26. If u remember the madness sieriss u should now hat ninja guy Hank k

    every madness combat/hank fan: *DEEP BREATHIN'*

  28. me:makes fun of a youtuber case he cant beat tricky phase 3 first try
    also me:cant beet week 1 of the normal game

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