Tricky Version 2 FULL WEEK - Perfect Combo + Cutscenes [HARD] | Friday Night Funkin' -

Tricky Version 2 FULL WEEK – Perfect Combo + Cutscenes [HARD] | Friday Night Funkin’

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I do have to say, this took an incredibly long time to perfect combo all the songs, especially the last two as I kept hitting the mines/fiery notes and missing due to the notefield obstructions, but I did it!
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The Full-Ass Tricky Mod!:
Thank you Kade Dev and other people involved for making such a lovely masterpiece and follow-up to the original Tricky Part 1! You deserve more credit!

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I named Expurgation, Tricky Distant Chuckle because of it’s old name and teaser thing. Some people still call it that, but oh well

0:00 Improbable Outset
2:07 Madness
5:20 Hellclown
11:04 Expurgation / Distant Chuckle


  1. Boyfriend and Girlfriend's Chad levels are larger than Hellclown Tricky

  2. i ask my self.. how is girlfriend scared of Ruv's voice & N O T B Y T R I C K Y F O R M 3 O R 4

  3. A f*ucking demon clown:Destroys everything and yeets people with his screaming
    Another f*ucking clown demon:Ties up girlfriend
    Girlfriend:This is fine.

  4. gf is the fakest girlfriend of all time sitting there watching her bf almost be killed and smiling while she’s tied up

  5. What makes this funnier s that krinkels confirmed Nevada is the most normal place on earth

  6. Wait wait wait, on the giant fire skull thin, idk phase 3 I think… did tricky just STICK UP HIS MIDDLE FINGER OVER AND OVER AGAIN???!!!!

  7. 13:26 haaank!! shi hahahaha hahe
    Ahaaihei hihehei haaahoo
    Ohh aihhe hahohe ahhahohahahe
    HihahaHahahi ha
    Hi ohha ha
    Ha ha ha hi
    Ah hiha he he
    Hi ha ha ho
    Oh ha hi hi
    Oh ha ha he
    Oh ha ha ho
    Ha ha hi ha

  8. BF: fighting for his life while rapping
    Gf: ⚫🔻⚫

  9. did you use a bot if not i im speech less howww

  10. Whitty: im the hardest mod eve-
    Tricky: hello
    Whitty: peace *gets deleted*

    Rip whitty 🙁

  11. when you get so many "sick" it becomes "sigh"

  12. Xx_Marc Vince Prime_xX HELP ME GET 1k SUBS says:

    This mite took I while to do so im gonnapike and subscribe I hope u have good day fantica light

  13. Go touch some grass my guy (I'm kidding this is super cool)

  14. The tricky mod is the best fnf mod in my opinion and has the catchiest songs

  15. Fanaticalight eres el mejor en friday night funky soy tu fan número 1 🥺

  16. This not perfect combo to perfect combo you need 100% Accuracy

  17. its weird how only when triky gets defeated is when thry fight

  18. Whitty: soy el mod mas complicado
    Tricky v2.0: Sostén mi chococono

  19. its dissapointing that he doesnt have 1B subs

  20. although this looks like it was easy i know it wasn't

  21. Something about that last song I just can’t get enough of. 🤘🏾🔥🖤

  22. I beat this before and it was crazy how I just noticed that I had to go though all of that and it took me 1 week is that pretty crazy in medium but I still did not do expurgation

  23. Update I having trouble with the hardest part of tricky hellclown in hard mode witch is for me 8:08

  24. Holy man this took such an incredibly long time to do, but I finally did it!

    I do have a Discord server if you like to vibe with other people! If that sounds interesting to you, come check it out!

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