Tricky Version 2 FULL WEEK - Perfect Combo + Cutscenes [HARD] | Friday Night Funkin' -

Tricky Version 2 FULL WEEK – Perfect Combo + Cutscenes [HARD] | Friday Night Funkin’

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I do have to say, this took an incredibly long time to perfect combo all the songs, especially the last two as I kept hitting the mines/fiery notes and missing due to the notefield obstructions, but I did it!
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The Full-Ass Tricky Mod!:
Thank you Kade Dev and other people involved for making such a lovely masterpiece and follow-up to the original Tricky Part 1! You deserve more credit!

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I named Expurgation, Tricky Distant Chuckle because of it’s old name and teaser thing. Some people still call it that, but oh well

0:00 Improbable Outset
2:07 Madness
5:20 Hellclown
11:04 Expurgation / Distant Chuckle


  1. Nobody:
    Bf when a giant clown demon is screaming at him: ee ee aa oo ee ee ee aa oo ee

  2. I love how Boyfriend tries to throw the microphone at Tricky, a reference to the cut battle mechanic.

  3. hank is just practicing his knife skills in the background

  4. Tricky: I WANT TO KILL YOU!!
    Hank: not on my watch
    Tricky: … rap?…

  5. will be my friend in roblox i its nema simon11yt1234

  6. Am i the only one that kinda felt bed for tricky during expurgation? I dunno why but some of the stuff he said was just really sad to me

  7. Everyone : relaxing like normal in a airplane

    Me who the only baby in the airplane : 6:27

  8. Did you even mean to get first ever FC for Expurgation? lol

  9. Tricky? Fanaticalight FNF FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN

  10. At –7:30 tricky just had a little stroke nothing weird just a tiny lil stroke

  11. for some reason at the start of the expurgation minions say "GET A TEA" its so hilairious

  12. The opening on Hellclown sounds like he's going "Bussy, bootay"

  13. Hey ye I build a re Master tricky but is coming soon

  14. This is also a true definition of how good Fanaticalight can be in FNF. My Game just straight up lags if I play those songs with red notes. Nice Job!

  15. I feel like Hell Clown should have that clown sound from Expurgation

  16. The beginning of Hell clown kind of sounds like tricky is saying you'll see your end 5:55

  17. Imagine encountering a basically immortal clown that can kill you in a instant and finding out you can just beat it in a rap battle

  18. I love how girlfriend doesn’t even care about anything

  19. 4:05 oh no tricky you cant say that word your gonna get killed by the twitter girls!

  20. I like how the girlfriend was scared of Whitty but when there’s a demon clown she’s like “this is fine”

  21. Expurgation is the best song in the tricky mod

  22. All the work and time went into Hellclown’s graphics and the cutscenes

  23. 13:25 gotta love when he says "HAAAAANK", his eye or red eye thing on his skull gets more brighter.

  24. Im sorry my bro if you are mad im a idiot! says:

    I love how boyfriend has a smug look on his face rap battling tricky 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000× bigger then him

  25. You: Hits sick 100000 times
    The game: "Oh you missed 1/10000000 of a 1% of the devidable number 0.00001, so let's make it 99,56%"

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