TRICKY vs. HANK Imposter Role in Among Us... -

TRICKY vs. HANK Imposter Role in Among Us…

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I’m Hank J. Wimbleton, and today, I have to save some sorry suckers from my arch-nemesis, Tricky the Clown. Luckily, I have a full arsenal of weapons at my disposal, but Tricky’s no pushover. As we fight, his improbability drive is going to be steadily climbing up, granting him more and more INSANE abilities. Only this time, I’m putting him down for good… or so I think. Let’s do this…

Friday Night Funkin’ is made by ninjamuffin99 (programmer), PhantomArcade (animator), kawaisprite (musician), and evilsk8r (artist)

Tricky Mod:
Character Based on the Madness Combat series created by Krinkels
Artist: Banbuds
Composer: Rozebud
Programmer: Kade
Modder: Cval

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  1. Listen tricky killed Hank in phase 5

  2. hank:“I saved literally no one”
    me: perfectly normal

  3. Player you said take my sister and you expect her to protect you

  4. Her name is dum that’s dumb Nice pun hank

  5. My favorite is when you have one Gregory was the cursed imposter

  6. Do a Project Nexus mod with Hank, Deimos, Sanford, and Jebus as the good guy roles, and the Auditor and Tricky and the agents as the bad roles.

  7. Bro tricky and han .j fight I like it so muchhh

  8. the j in hanks name stands for motherfu**

  9. I don’t think I can install I’m just six years old

  10. Player: oh its tricky the rock a ryhme rock a ryhme its tricky
    Hank: its tricky tricky tricky oh why do i sing is i hate this guy…

  11. Player: its is expurgation mode…

  12. Hank actually really like Edge weapon to use down a lot in manners come by especially swords

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