Tricky VS Whitty but it's a better mod - Friday Night Funkin' -

Tricky VS Whitty but it’s a better mod – Friday Night Funkin’

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Today’s video is an interesting tinkered Tricky Mod that managed to do the Tricky VS Whitty concept correctly. The first song is the same Improbable Outset song but Whitty has his usual voice and Lo-Fight position. The last song aka Madness uses a remix called “Mad Overload” or Madness x Ballistic by @Rico Prabowo which places Whitty in a Ballistic version of himself. I find this to be a better mod that plays off the idea of what if Tricky had met Whitty. Once again I still want people to know that I did use a bot to keep things well sync because I don’t intend on hiding that fact since I wanted to make this video as a fun viewing experience while delivering people exposure of new skin mods out there. Overall, this was fun to record and listen to. I did not add any skin mods because it would only be possible with Tricky but not Whitty so I added Carol as gf in the first song.

Mods used in this video:
Main Website for these mods comes from GameBanana

Tricky VS Ballistic Whitty Mod

-Creator of the mod (Heighx GD):

Whitty Skin Mod

Carol GF

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  1. [Julie And The Soft Trio | Ft. Soft!BB] says:

    0:16 when the first song starts
    Edit: great video, I love the way Carol says "I'm out whitty take care of this" when the next song plays

  2. I feel like whitmores voice is deeper a bit.

  3. He does not have a micro and he's in his van or phase

  4. Tricky: WHIT!
    (Madness starts)
    Tricky: (gibberish ) T! (More gibberish )

  5. В мене є Кот комноти ви амнас POAOBANF

  6. 0:000:10

    Whitty: Sees a stop sign Nothing odd.

    Tricky: Comes outta the ground

    Whitty: OH MY ___KING GOD!!! IT’S A ___KING CLOWN!!!!!

    Tricky: TRIGGERED

  7. 2:02 los profes de catequesis y biologia discutiendo como se creo el planeta tierra

  8. one of the best songs I have heard here my offering of like friend /: pd salud2 friend and I hope your channel grows even more

  9. this actually fits whitty despite being a rockstar that sings rock, and him singing in madness sounds like ballistic, well done mods, never seen a good mod in years now, what a bop

  10. When those really good cod players play against eachother

  11. Pov:the smarts of class fighting for the correct answer

  12. Bc whitty is brave and powerful with his ballistic

  13. Why do I hear M.I.L.F in the background?

    even weirder is that it oddly sounds good and fits with the song.

  14. I think in madness tricky's notes are overcharted just like whitty because it's not how I remembered the chart of tricky

  15. They sounds Great Together!
    Especially In The Second Song!

  16. its actully dad battle thats in i can hear bfs voice at 2:49

  17. muy buena esta la rola lo que no me gusta es porque en la fase 2 , whitty canta en la fase 3 de el .

  18. fun fact: tricky invades whitty's house and now its tricky versus whitty lol

  19. Uffas ya casi se cumple 1 de este mod épico!!!!

  20. I like how dadbattle was going on in background

  21. The first song was great but the second one could definitely use some work. Great stuff though, keep up the good work 🙂

  22. (Before I get into my story, I first have to mention the plot. Whitty and Boyfriend were rap battling in Overhead before he got an urgent call from the Deimos and Stanford, 2 residents of Nevada telling Whitty that Tricky was going to kill everyone in the area. Whitty then goes to help everyone in Nevada, but before heading there, he takes Carol with him in case there are grunts waiting to attack.)

    Whitty: "So, this is where Tricky was supposed to be, huh?"

    Carol: "I think so Whitty. This might be a trap though…"

    Whitty: "Don't worry, if anyone tries to attack you, I'll protect you no matter what."

    Suddenly, a stop sign comes out of nowhere and nearly hits Whitty. He nearly dodges the blow, but the sign did scratch him by the cheek.

    Whitty: "Geez that was close! I'm glad my senses kicked in."

    Then, a green zombie-like hand comes out from under the ground. That's when Tricky shows up.

    Whitty: "So you're Tricky right?"

    Tricky: "Yes, it is me. And you will die!"

    Whitty: "No, I was sent here to end your reign of terror!"

    Tricky: "Oh really? We'll I'd like to see you try. Hehehe…"

    Whitty: "Tch…"

    Cue improbable outset

    Meanwhile Hank was just sitting in a truck, but then spots Tricky and gets his gun ready to fire. Tricky then picks up his stop sign and prepares to slice Whitty in 2 with it.

    Whitty: "I guess this is the end for me…"

    In a split second, a gun bullet comes out of nowhere and knocks Tricky back.

    Whitty: "W-What the-?! Who was that?"

    Carol: "I have no clue, but Tricky seems to be out for the count."

    Whitty: "Well, guess our work here is done. Come on Carol, let's go back to Boyfriend."

    Tricky: "You're not getting out of here alive!"

    Whitty: "Huh?"

    Whitty turns around only to see Tricky still alive and without his metal mask, revealing his true face.

    Whitty: "How are you still alive?"

    Tricky: "That doesn't matter. But you've crossed the line now! I'm gonna kill you and your girlfriend!

    Whitty: "You… Dare threaten to kill Carol?!?"

    Whitty breaks his mic and throws it to the ground, and lets out a loud scream of rage, entering his ballistic state.

    Whitty: "I will never forgive you for that!!"

    Whitty: "Carol, you need to get out of here right now! I'm not having you dying here!"

    Carol: "Alright, good luck Whitty. Don't die on me!"

    Carol escapes and watches from a very far distance so she's not in range of the battle.

    Cue Mad Overload

  23. UPDATE : I managed to work things out with the claimer and came to an understanding. The claim has been removed and things will continue on as normal.

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