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VS Tricky 2.0 (FULL WEEK + SECRET PHASE). FNF The Full-Ass Tricky mod.

Views: 1086954
Like: 20728
Submitter: Banbuds
Musician and Programming: Rozebud
Charting, off-setting: Cval
Composer: YingYang48, JADS
Cutscene 3 + 4, Backgrounds: Moro

Mod Link:


  1. When tricky went AGGGHHHHHHHHHH I really felt that

  2. The fact that in expurgation that clown at the bottom pulls the hp bar to lower it is insane

  3. Fun fact: the scream of tricky at the end of expurgation comes from adventure time: come whit me part 5

  4. Resumo dos jogadores de fnf quando jogam trik flhdjshdkdhdkdhsjgshshdhjsgscsvbxnxnvjgsghsksjxhsjffxudhfjzhcrfyzhsjslkrhuxizi

  5. watch this 2x speed you cant beat with 2x arrow speed watch the vid with 2x

  6. yo se que vives en Perù, I know that you live in Peru

  7. I like the piano tone at the end of hellclown cuz it's like a calm prelude to expurgation

  8. Girlfriend: Señores esta es mi Vida normal

  9. 13:56 when I got to that part I almost died xdxd but what follows is where I died xd

  10. 6:50
    bf : "how can you beat that" (beep bop bop beep)

    tricky : ITS MONKE TIME

  11. How you can do that you can sick all arrows how?????

  12. I fell like there’s emotion behind this mod even though this game is about bebop poop and whatever There still story Kinda I mean in improbable outset The first ever song of the mod before It got a rework Still has a motion to it and In improbable outset it sounds like Sounds like tricky is laughing at him knowing that he’s probably one of the most powerful beings in Nevada after the cut scene where Hank shoots off tricky’s mask It looks like turkey is pissed about his fight being interrupted and losing to someone he thought he could beat easily madness Is complicated to say the least tricky sounds furious I mean I don’t blame em madness is a very chaotic song it’s Spammy chaotic and overall just very well it’s just madness I mean the title explains it after madness tricky seems to be furious to say the least consumed by his Rage transforms into the rage demon known has the hell clown, hell clown is a very complicated song Tricky sounds the most angry he’ll probably ever be in the mod even if new songs are added or old ones republished or even dang give him a new voice he’ll clown is the peek of his rage and after is an fight between hank and well the demon tricky is captured by the greater good and put in a cell his fate unknown for now until maybe a tricky 2 mod? Anyway I will have to bring in another mod to explain expurgation I mean how the hell are they meant to get there so anyways here we go in the auditor mod well you face basically what is god himself so after the songs auditor sends them to hell “auditors hell” (dumb name) and after that we get to expurgation and in expurgation (just saying it’s my fav song so this will probably be the longest part it’s just so good) tricky is messing with you blocking the notes moving the bar all stuff we are used to at this point normal stuff tricky sounds sad maybe even worried wondering how he got there and why he is there as the song continues he gets more angry when he get to “HAAAAAAAAANK” he finally snaps and freaks out spaming everything he has just to kill you but it doesn’t (or it does) and you win (maybe) tricky let’s put one last yell before something happens to him it seems

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