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What’s up with Tricky? Friday Night Funkin’ Explained

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IT’S FINALLY HERE! Sorry for taking so long with this, things have been odd for me recently. Anyways, this video is about the Tricky Friday Night Funkin’ mod, basically everything to do with the character Tricky as well as what happens in the mod itself. I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Isnt Hellclown tricky from the Madness Combat games?

  2. My theory is the Stop Sign is Tricky's weapon of choice is cause Hank impaled him with the sign, making Tricky see it as a sign of defeat, a sign of dissapointment.

  3. This cloud guy well dieeeeee it's phase 5 time skeleton tricky timeee

  4. it drives me nuts that some people still think tricky is from fnf.

  5. Guys anyone realize the madness combat game in 2023 can drink

  6. 2:16 There is no such thing as "higher powers" Jebus revived him and he got the Impropability drive in his mind

  7. ꧁𝐼𝑡𝑠_𝐻𝑖𝑚𝑖𝑘𝑜꧂ says:

    I love how impostor mod explained vid still the most famous video so far

  8. Girlfriend is smiling at anything that happens

  9. I feel like the fire is white because if you burn certain things the fire will be a different colour, red fire is from burning things like wood.


  11. Can anybody explain the giant laser in the background?

  12. "So… who is this cult?"

    Youtube: m e m b e r s h i p a d s

  13. i hate clowns i dont mess with any of them

  14. “Skip to 0:56 if you don’t care”

    That made me chuckle a bit… if only everyone did that with their sponsors lol

  15. This is late or someone already said it but Updike I think that’s how you spell it isn’t a cloud just very hairy

  16. Me knowing what madness combat is for a long time but still watching this man talk about we’re tricky came from

  17. Tricky did not chop Hank head off Tricky just ripped it off

  18. All Songs
    Phase 0 Calliope
    Phase 0.5 Calliope II
    Phase 1 Improbable Outset
    Phase 1.5 OMFG!
    Phase 2 Madness
    Phase 3 Hellclown
    Phase 3.5 Distant Chuckle
    Phase 4 Expurgation
    Phase 4.5 Masked Corpse
    Phase 4.7 Dead Line
    Phase 5 Reality Bender
    Phase 5.5 Consternation
    Phase 6 Troll Leak
    Phase 7 Underworld
    Phase 8 Loud Chuckle
    Phase 9 DancingClown
    Phase 10 The End?
    Phase 11 Universe Bender
    Phase 12 Reality Bended
    Phase 13 Reality Destroyer
    Phase 14 Nearby Chuckle
    Phase 15 Hellchuckle
    Phase 16 Trickbotoyer

  19. The rules of Fnf are that should bf engage a rap battle with anyone, the opponent may not cause bf physical harm unless they are able to beat him for example Tabi we see that after we lose he throws a knife at bf, even though he could have done this anytime, but he has to do it after bf loses

  20. all I know is tricky was made by a persone and the person made him in something

  21. Whitly is OG and Tricky is difficult

  22. I believe the reason in expurgation because the halo exists is because auditor some how possessed tricky because he has the same halo

  23. No tricky did have to kill him they fought over the halo

  24. I'm not sure if this is cannon but in the auditor mod the auditor is the one who captures or tricky.

  25. Tricky might be one crazy clown, but it's a clown Eminem certainly wouldn't mess with.

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