Zanta But Tricky Sings It - (Friday Night Funkin) - FNF Cover -

Zanta But Tricky Sings It – (Friday Night Funkin) – FNF Cover

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  1. I listen to Zanta normally so I can tell the difference but they're really similar. Still fire do

  2. They should replace zanta with tricky this is the best cover with tricky

  3. Imagine it with Ronald McDonald in the jail and then Tricky instead of changing hats, puts his mask in Ronald's face and goes into his phase zero to trick Edd into thinking he's the one to save. And when Tom shoots Ronald by accident, he takes out the condimenters to blow his eyes up

  4. If I were to change this in any way I would change Matt, Edd, and Tom to the main protagonists from the madness combat series. In my opinion Deimos would replace Tom while Sanford replaces Edd and Hank replacing Matt. That would honestly make sense because if you didn't know tricky isn't originally from Friday night funkin. He's from a series known as Madness Combat also known as Mc for short.

  5. main sequence star to red giant phase shorts says:

    who made the cover

  6. i dont see any differents between Zanta and tricky lol

  7. i might think now its tike i still thinks it is tiky

  8. I love how Edd and Tom barely have any actual animation while Tricky is the exact opposite

  9. Tom: *shoots santa*
    Santa: why am I not dead yet?

  10. From tricky's screaming I can barely hear edd singing and zanta's voice is just tricky but lower pitch

  11. Fin fact: Zanta's voice is the tricky voice with lowed tone

  12. This is more funny cuz 2 of em are BLATANTLY distinct and Tom still shot Santa lmao

  13. its just the normal one if it was a little pitched and i love it!

  14. at 1:54 i was thinking a red static screen at this moment where it says "YOU DO NOT KILL CLOWN CLOWN USE DISGUISE"

  15. You can litterly hear how many times he says Tea

  16. THIS is the reason why Zanta sounded like Tricky XD

    Nice cover btw Blue😀

  17. Me:And nothing valuable was lost
    meanwhile with zanta
    Zanta:*cries inside*

  18. Tricky's voice reminds me of the original voice of Zanta.

  19. i think that even Tom shots Tricky he wont die


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